My 4 year old brother told me he was scared to grow up and cried for like 10 minutes straight

finally I asked why he was so scared

and he said he was scared of drinking coffee


"They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other."
Nicholas SparksThe Notebook (via feellng)


The Last Sitting: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bert Stern for Vogue, 1962

Diana Vreeland, the editor-in-chief of Vogue at that time, kept Marilyn’s scar in the original picture. She used to say: “I think there’s nothing duller than a smooth, perfect-skinned woman. A woman is beautiful by her scars.””

Do ya’ll see how fucking gorgeous she is tho?
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"you have
parts of me
that will
always be
yours —
even if
you don’t
want them."
Kei, why missing you gets under my skin (via cavum)

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"I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."
F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby (via feellng)

"I want to be with you honestly. I want comfort of exploring each other’s bodies with no expectations, no explanations - openly. Accepting each other as we are naturally, exploring different ways we like our bodies to move, different noises we make, different feelings of new paradises. I want you, all of you, just you - pure and raw, and honest with your desires. I want us to explore each other’s minds in a way we could never communicate with words. I want you to embrace me, with no apologies for who you are. I want you fully, honestly."
(via xchloe)
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